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We are a one-stop solution for all your import and export trade with India. The company will provide a platform that will help bridge the ever-widening chasm between buyers and sellers offering a perfect space for them to meet and interact. Morera Ventures will function as your personal sourcing agent.


The Technical Stuff

The company will provide a range of services. Sourcing is one. We will assist you in sourcing prime quality products you are looking for at competitive rates.
Import and export of goods or services is an integral part of any business. It needs expertise as there are many areas where you might need help and support. 

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Our Expertise

Morera Ventures was launched primarily to reduce the gap between buyers and sellers in the country and with that of the overseas market. Based on a research done by us, we found that there are a huge number of producers, farmers and manufacturers who do not export their products to countries where their products are in high demand.

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