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About Us

Morera Ventures was launched primarily to reduce the gap between buyers and sellers in the country and with that of the overseas market. Based on a research done by us, we found that there are a huge number of producers, farmers and manufacturers who do not export their products to countries where their products are in high demand, simply due to the lack of awareness, knowledge, complexities and payment terms involved. We also found that there is a huge demand globally for these products or commodities. However, there are very few platforms where the buyer and seller can interact without an intermediary.
We found out that middlemen were taking away a chunk of the money, while artisans and farmers were paid only a pittance for their hard work.

The Team


The company was started by a mother and son with the aim of helping the artisans and farmers in expanding their business, finding direct buyers, annihilating middlemen and thereby helping them to improve their lives.