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The idea of Naturesque was born during a visit to one of our

vendors. It’s after the visit we realized that in addition to the

plastics we use in our day to day life; quite a lot of single use

plastics have been used even during packaging,

transportation processes, etc. And most of it goes for waste.

We noticed that we have been damaging the planet without

even realizing it and if we are to continue living in the same

way, our Planet would soon be covered by single use plastics;

making Planet Earth a dump yard. As per research it has been

understood that 300 million tons of plastics have been

produced every year and of this 79% has been accumulated

in landfills, dump yards and the natural environment. 

We at Morera Ventures LLP wanted to make a change

towards it, and have taken a positive step for change by

introducing our Sustainable initiative “NATURESQUE”.

Naturesque would be responsible for delivering the best

products possible to consumers; and part of this

responsibility is ensuring that products do minimal harm to

environment and ultimately humans.

Pure Copper Water Bottles


During the evaluation of our product range, we understood that a major chunk of plastic waste is from single use plastic bottles. To counter/tackle this issue we decided to come up with alternative sustainable/reusable/eco-friendly water bottles. We also wanted our first product to be much more than just sustainable, and to offer an extra element/dimension to it, as compared to other sustainable products available in the market. Hence we narrowed down on Pure Copper Water Bottles, as it’s healthier to drink water from copper (as per science). Ayurveda recommends storing water overnight in a copper vessel and drinking it first thing in the morning, for good health. As copper is an essential element for our body. The water stored in this way is called ‘TamraJal’. It is also said to balance all 3 doshas of the human body (‘Kapha’, ‘Vata’ &’Pitta’).

Further Copper is anti-bacterial, therefore it’s self-sterilizing and eliminates toxins & free radicals. It also acts as an anti-oxidant which improves immunity, digestion and makes the water alkaline; which helps balance the body’s pH level.


'SEED' Initiative


We @naturesque_mv was deeply saddened by the Amazon fire happenings and wanted to do something much more than just sharing images/posts on social media. We for sure was creating an awareness with our audience, however we felt it was high time we take action and do something for the world right now. Hence we came up with the seed initiative. 

We wanted it to be different from other seed/plant initiatives, where a number of people would gather to plant trees during such a time. However it would die eventually when the buzz around it is gone. So we wanted to come up with something where we could incorporate the idea with our daily lives. Hence we narrowed down on ‘Plantable Seed Pencils’. Wherein there would be a seed on top of the pencil. We could use it just as any normal pencil and once it becomes too small to use, we could stub it in a pot/sand and see it grow into a beautiful plant. We humans are short sighted and do not care how the world would be in 50-70 wanted year’s time. It is this laidback attitude which is killing Planet Earth. Moreover we wanted to bring about a change in our coming generations. Since the primary users of pencils would be kids; we would be able to raise a sense of awareness in the little ones and also cultivate a better sustainable lifestyle for them by teaching them right at a young age.